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Helped a top US Auto Insurance Company drive up quote volumes incrementally by 22% while keeping the media spend constant

Our marketing mix solutions measure the efficiency and return on investment (ROI) for every type of marketing spend on every product in every market. No two markets are the same, and our global insights into even the slightest variances can help you optimize your spending in every corner of the world.

Our client wanted a smart, actionable, and scalable solution to understand the effectiveness of its marketing media mix in driving auto insurance quote volumes into its call centers.

We had run two scenarios through what-if analyses from which the insights helped the insurer plan optimal marketing investments. The spend and ROI on volumes were distributed across multiple channels, providing the total quote volumes from existing customers(CQV) and prospects(PQV). The simulations were then run in the form of 'response curve equations' to analyze the spend optimization across these distributions.

The various analyses helped the carrier allocate media spends for desired quote volumes. This new insight was used to identify prospects and focus call center resources for the most impactful outcomes.

Our cloud-enabled Marketing Mix Optimizer provides an accurate analysis of the performance of your campaigns and media spend across traditional and digital channels. Drawing in on both internal and external data sources and leveraging predictive modeling and dynamic algorithms, Nuevora’s MMO delivers a high-impact solution tailored to specific market conditions. Insights from MMO help drive an increase in sales, market share and marketing ROI.
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